Monday, January 28, 2008

And so it begins

I only started reading blogs a few months ago, perhaps later than the average college student. A few weeks and many clicks later I was already a blog enthusiast. As my final semester of college begins I decided to explore my own thoughts in the web. I have perhaps taken on too much. Between my schoolwork, many jobs with children, and an attempt to find what I like to call a ‘big girl job’ my schedule is rather full. Yet I feel compelled to take this on. My undergraduate education is coming to an end. I find I no longer want to write structured essays but I want to explore my own thoughts and create new ideas in a free form manner. As I look for jobs in the fields of education and psychology I want to explore current trends in the fields from books, newspapers, and blogs. This blog will be my attempt to get through the ‘Education Maze’, a world of articles about education that often seem foreign. The ‘Education Maze’ is also a continuing exploration of my own education, my readings, and my changing perceptions on psychology, education, and children’s literature. I am by no means an expert but a young adult attempting to understand the field she is about to enter. And most of all, bear with me, I’m new at this.

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