Thursday, April 17, 2008

The youngest blogger in the world

I never would have thought that I would get so addicted to a computer, or blogging for that matter. When my computer, which I might as well call my child, took a turn for a worse this weekend I was shocked, depressed, enraged, and overemotional. How would I do my work with out a computer? How would I blog with out a computer? I was at a loss. Most college students spend far too much time in front of their computers. Essays are written while music is playing, a youtube video is on, and various chats are in the background. This trend is starting younger and younger with new kid friendly computers, with some kinks to still work out, being marketed at cheaper costs. I start to wonder, when will pre-school kids start blogs.

In a literacy class I took my freshman year the teacher posed the question to the class, "Will there ever come a day when books are obsolete? When learning to read involves sitting in front of a computer?" I was shocked, but unfortunately computers are slowly creeping their way into the common verse of childhood banter. They are slowly teaching children to multitask and to assume everything happens at the speed of bandwidth. When do children have time to slow down? Go away from the computer to get rid of that glassy eyed stare...

I did not have a computer until I was in fifth grade and I am quite thankful for that. While I was not outdoorsy I was certainly spending my time creating and inventing in distilled and peaceful environments. Until computers can do that for children I don't know how much time I think young children should be spending on the screen playing mindless games. But then again, if instead they were typing a story, reading educational material, or doing something constructive , it would be different. I am certainly no expert on children's computer programs, but I see the change lurking in the future of the computer era. While it might be present with adults I'm waiting for the four year old who turns to me and says, have you heard the new Steve Jobs speech?

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