Sunday, July 13, 2008

Don't Sniff the Smelly Markers

My hands are covered with marker and I can smell a lingering Mr. Sketch fragrance dancing about my room. I'm warm, followed by periods of blasting air conditioning. At the end of the work day I have more work to do, and a desperate need to hydrate. I think day in and day out about how to help my students. I guess I've become a teacher.

My absence from this blog is not an indicator for the future, I will continue to write. If anything, it is an indicator of my need to perfect the art of teaching before I return to the art of blogging. Obviously, I am not a perfect teacher yet, but I return momentarily to reflect. I sit back, sigh, and think, did I really just grade something? It's a little scary to think that the future of these children has been laid into my hands. I think I might be ready. 

Consequently, this is also my hundredth post. Happy hundredth post as I continue to think about how to teach rounding to the hundredth place. 

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