Tuesday, August 5, 2008

99 cents... or less...or more

Since I was a child I have always loved dollar stores. My mom used to take me along with her as she would find great deals on organizers and baskets for her classroom. I would meanwhile hang out in the toy section until I decided on a few items. I always felt like I made out like a robber, but I know now I made out for less than the cost of a happy meal. 

As I was apartment hunting yesterday I found a store titled "99 cents or less or more". While I question the name, considering the 99 cents is relative, the cheap goods entertain me. The signs boasted a back to school sale, and I got excited, after all...I'm going back to school. Rulers, crayons, markers, paper, theme folders...I was like a kid in a really cheap candy store.

I wonder if they still make teenage mutant ninja turtle folders...

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