Sunday, August 31, 2008

My very own class...excuse me while I vomit

It's my class, it really is. After years of assisting, interning, subbing, and try to do as much as I could do in the classroom I finally have my own. The bulletin boards were decorated by me, the centers set up how I want them, and the door bears my name. My legs are covered in bruises from setting up, and my back aches, but the classroom is mine, and my students. Then again, this means that everything is mine, the problems, the school demands, the parents, and every little detail I'm sure I will forget in the hustle and bustle of actual students entering the room. Can I vomit now?

Okay, so I'm not going to actually vomit, but I hope parents won't be thrown off by the sweat sitting on my brow as I greet them on Tuesday. Nervous? No, the room is just warm. What we lack in air conditioning we gain in physical space for the children. You lucked out, this is the least crowded classroom. I'll chuckle, shake their hand and tell the child they can go color. Or something like that. I've been told by so many people that it's impossible to over plan for the first day, but do people usually plan how they will interact with parents. 

I read some advice from Ms Malarkey and NYC Educator, I hope I can use it in the first few weeks, months, and the whole year. I'm lucky, although I've only been in my school a week I can tell it is extremely supportive. So, I'm going to jump, leap, and pray for a good first day and weeks to come. It won't be perfect, I recognize that, but I think I can make it solid. So, watch me, or read me, as I start teaching my very own class. 

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