Friday, May 23, 2008


Today I graduated from my undergraduate education and no one played "Pomp and Circumstance".

I started writing out a few weeks ago what I thought I might want to say about graduation. But two very important things have changed in those few weeks. First, all of the references to dirges and fiery deaths have disappeared. Whether I'm still in adrenaline shock or too tired to be scared the real world couldn't come a moment sooner. Second, in what I wrote I talked about that song, pomp and circumstance, and I certainly couldn't lie to my readers.

My school can't do anything that other schools do, for fear of being called a follower, so I walked towards my seat to a classical song that I "knew" thinking about how to smile and avoid tripping all at the same time.

The speaker at my graduation kept talking about living in the present. That you have to take stock of what you have write now and run with it. It is a lesson I desperately need to take. In a see of worrying about my final papers, finding an apartment, and dreams of publishing I forget to stop and think about the fact that quite soon I will be in the classroom. So instead of focusing on the future or the past I chose now to focus on the present: becoming a great teacher, updating this blog, and writing.

I wish I could have more answers, but for now I'll have to settle for the present, diploma in hand, ready for whatever life throws at me.

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