Thursday, May 29, 2008

People I'm glad I don't teach with...

A Florida teacher has been accused of letting her kindergarten students vote on whether or not a boy with Asperger's should be allowed to stay in the classroom. What? She says it was a behavioral tactic to get the child to change his behavior...but I don't know if I really buy that. Needless to say she has been reassigned, but she is not being charged with emotional child abuse. The child has not returned to school. Honestly, I'm so horrified at this story that I don't have that much to say on my electronic soap box. I just hope everyone takes in this story and realizes that the current state of Autism awareness is not enough. If a teacher, even one teacher, does this, then how do other people treat children with Autism or anything on the PDD spectrum. America at large needs a lesson in Autism awareness.

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