Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Places I wish I was right now...

As I sit in my dorm, contemplating doing something productive, I continually wish I was arriving at the Ed in '08 Blogger Summit. However, I am finishing my last week of undergraduate classes. So instead, I'm going to blog about my year as a blogger...

When I first started blogging I wanted to write about education policy and theory. I wanted to have a cutting edge perspective on charter schools and merit pay. I wanted to emulate the experienced voice of NYC Educator and the expert position of This Week in Education. But alas, I am neither experienced nor and expert. I was not completely put off, and couldn't really stop as my blog was for a class, but I had to find a new avenue, my own voice. The closest I can guess that any college student is really an expert on and experienced in is wasting time on the Internet. So instead of wasting my time like most college students watching youtube videos and images of cats with funny phrases I spent my time reading blogs, websites for children, sifted through podcasts, and exploring new ideas in education.

I don't think I knew quite what I was getting into, blogging is addictive. I found that there were some things I could write about in my own voice from something close to an expert perspective, children's literature, and I could write about psychology from a strong base of knowledge. Where most bloggers write from a perspective of knowing I decided to write from a perspective of questioning, contemplating, and exploring my own thought process.

I ask a lot of questions, because I know I do not have the answers. I stand on my electronic soap box from a naive inexperienced standpoint hoping that my voice can burst into the blogosphere asking new questions, hopefully with a little bit of an answer hidden in my pondering. Today I put to rest my blog as a class project and bring it into my own life. Nothing is really going to change in how I post, but as I graduate and enter the real world I do anticipate some things to change within me. Hopefully as I continue to blog my voice will grow stronger and next year I will get to attend an education blogger summit.

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