Sunday, February 17, 2008

Book of the Week

Learning how to make new colors out of primary colors is a skill every child needs to learn. I personally enjoy working with books when creating curriculum and faced with the task of creating a short curriculum for Pre-K I heard two words in my head, 'Mouse Paint'.

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh is one of those books I think every Pre-K teacher should have. I can't possibly think that I'm unique in creating curriculum on colors off this book, in fact I know from discussion that others have done it, but I wanted to emphasize how much I love this book. It now comes in an over sized board book format which is perfect for the classroom. The repetition of style, the clean illustrations, and obviously the use of color is what makes this book so excellent. In a book about color Walsh does an excellent job of choosing the most pure shades of the primary colors with little distractions. This book probably does not need an endorsement as it is already widely read and used but I feel compelled to share my love for this classic educational book.

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