Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Psychology Major

I don't really know how to prepare for interviews except by thinking to myself about what I do and who I am. I like to label myself a 'psychology major', unfortunately I don't think we have the best reputation. Psychology majors are labeled as textbook kids who act as lab rats. They often plan to go into business or law school, psychology is just a stepping stone.

So I try to explain what I do, but it becomes even more difficult to explain when I add that my college does not have majors. I have gotten labeled as education, child development, and social work. I have never taken psych 101 and my work as a lab rat has been limited but there is still one phrase that I find describes me, psychology major. I am the oldest kind of psychology major out there, I love Freud (both Sigmund and Anna) and all forms of psychoanalysis. I do study social work, education, public policy, and child development but there is an element of being a psychology major that I truly love. This is not a stepping stone for me, psychology is the end point. So I throw caution, stereotypes, and my progressive education to the wind and proclaim I am a psychology major, forever and right now. In theory, this will come up in my interview.

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