Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Education and the Ever Impending Election

As super Tuesday approached I was nervous about both Clinton and Obama's non-discussion of education. They both have fairly similar education platforms that read to me as generic and my fear was that they would fall apart without a real plan, or motivation, on their part. I was delighted to read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle where Obama answers questions from readers. I was wrong, Obama has a plan for education.

To start, he puts a lot of focus on early childhood education. I have always thought that starting young was one of the key issues in the achievement gap and his funding and planning for children birth through five could be truly helpful. As for NCLB, an inevitable point of discussion, he looks to change the assessment process and to put stronger teachers in the classroom.

Okay, so maybe Obama doesn't speak education policy on end, because there are only so many of us who would want to hear that. But in the end he has a plan, and who is to say that his economic policy and health care views will not create a change in the realm of education. He states in the article,

Millions of children across this country lack health insurance; are living in poverty; and attending crumbling schools. In this country - of all countries - no child's destiny should be determined before he takes his first step. As president, I am firmly committed to tackling these great challenges so that all of our children can live healthy and productive lives and reach their potential.

Health care and economic policy will surely play into the future of each child. As super Tuesday continues I find myself believing more in Obama and waiting more nervous for the results.

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