Friday, March 28, 2008

Bright Colors and Education on the Web

I do a little investigating on the web for fun websites and resources for kids. While on one of my favorite publishing company's website, Magination Press, I stumbled upon a great website for kids, KidsPsych: understanding ourselves, understanding each other. Now, Magination Press is a publishing company that releases picture books for children dealing with different psychological and emotional issues. Topics range from adoption, death and loss, introducing a child to therapy, different special needs, and a plethora of other unique topics. Note, if you are interested in children's books this is a great publishing company to explore. My basic concern was, now is this going to translate to a website for young children.

Magination Press is owned by APA, American Psychological Association, and this website focuses less on emotional but on, " cognitive thinking skills, deductive reasoning, and also just to have some fun!" The games come equipped with information on the specific skill they work on and once you get past the squeaking introduction the website is a lot of fun. The games are split up for children 1-5 and then 6-9. Some revolve around memory, matching, shapes, patterns, and a plethora of other important skills for young children all spiked with a punch of color and fun.

And yes, I actually played the games.

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