Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pizza Party Problems

Hold the presses! Pizza day has been banned!

Okay, the issue is a little more serious than that. However, the sad children holding pizza boxes and empty plates in the NY Post article 'Cheesed Off' incited humor in me...until I realized that there is another underlying issue. The basic gist, a PTA has a $5 monthly pizza party for students which has been canceled. The money raised goes to teacher grants, the yearbook, and other school events. The reason for pulling the pizza party is mixed, and here lies the problem...

Was it nutrition? The PTA can only have two student involving fundraisers a year? Children feeling left out? It seems the PTA was left in the lurch, no real answers. City Councilman Tony Avella attributes the pizza banning to red tape by the DOE. Could it really be that random? Whether or not it was, my concern lies in the focus of the DOE with banning pizza at the top of their list.

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