Sunday, March 30, 2008

MIS ter SHEH ska also known as John Scieszka

If I wasn't already convinced that John Sciezka was one of the funniest men alive this old article in Horn Book Magazine, "Reader's Request, or, YOU ASKED FOR IT" convinced me. Sciezka goes through many children's book authors names with correct pronunciations, and even better, helpful phrases. There are basic expressions, shopping phrases, making friends, and a whole slew of phrases to tell Sciezka that you really have to go. The article is ended with this fabulous quote (I'm guessing still by the funny man himself)...

"When Jon Scieszka was in kindergarten, he used to sign all of his papers Jon S. If people don’t read this article and tell their friends how to pronounce Scieszka, he’s thinking of doing that again."

Worth a read to laugh and to help with a few pronunciations. Note, I do recommend reading his new book Smash Crash and his buddy Mo Willems' new pigeon book comes out on Tuesday. You should be excited.

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